Old California Coffehouse

This coffeehouse came recommended by a couple of friends. Finally had a chance to go check it out! This one is located on San Marcos Blvd right in Restaurant Row. The environment is really comfortable, but I feel the seating is kind of limited if you go with more then 2 people. There is one section in the back that can seat 4-6 people, but other then that most of the tables are two seaters. I thought the outlets were scarce, but if you look up there are outlets high on the walls. Took us a while to figure that one out! If you go here for sketching or just lounging they do have a lot of outdoor seating. They have a lot of interesting espresso drinks that I haven't seen anywhere else. They also serve food, all I know is the quiche is pretty good! As for people watching/sketching it is mostly a family and high school crowd. If I wanted to draw kids, older people or sassy teenage girls, this would be a good place to go!


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