Claire de Lune

Claire de Lune has been a favorite for a long time! This is one of two coffeehouses I practically lived at in college. Good thing they have good drinks, smoothies and food! This one is located in North Park on University Ave. On the main floor there are mostly couches and lounge chairs. Perfect for visiting with friends or doing some sketching. They have a loft which over looks the place and it is really nice to kind of separate yourself from the traffic that goes in and out. There are plenty of outlets on the loft for laptops and lamps for drawing/reading. Sometimes you have to fight for the tables on the loft but other times they are usually open. Saturday nights they always have live music so it gets busy and loud. If you need to get work done I wouldn't recommend going on a Saturday night. BUT if you are looking to get some interesting character sketches you can't miss this place on a Sat night. I have seen everything from belly dancers to homeless guys playing drums on the tables. Never know what you will see at Claire's! Oh and all the people that work there are super friendly!


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