Disney Pencil Tests

I was searching around for stuff on the web today and came across these really amazing pencil tests:

Glen Keane:

Glen Keane Rough Animation Tarzan from victor ens on Vimeo.

Milk Kahl:

Milt Kahl Animation Sheriff from victor ens on Vimeo.

Gaston from Beauty and the Beast:

Pencil test gaston from victor ens on Vimeo.

Animation By Frank Thomas, Ollie Johnson and Milt Kahl:

Rescuers Pencil Test from FantasticAdam on Vimeo.

And this is just so amazing you must watch it! Its so neat to see the actual drawings that made up some of my favorite scenes and to also hear Andreas talk about it. I love how he says when he first looked at the drawings individually he thought "oh this looks simple, I can do this" and then he put all the drawings together as a move and was blown away. This is when he realized animation is about movement and one drawing leading to the next.

Andreas Deja on Frank Thomas:

Andreas Deja on Frank Thomas from FantasticAdam on Vimeo.

Thanks www.vimeo.com for having these videos available!

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Nicole said...

Those are great videos! I got to see Andreas, Pete Doctor, James Baxter, and Eric Goldberg last Friday do a talk on the Nine Old Men. Very cool!

How is Animation Mentor? I looked at the site, and some of the student work was very good.