11 Second Club - Monthly animation competition.
Animation Meat - Animation news and other fun stuff.
Animation Mentor - Online animation school.
Animation Podcast - The voices of animation.
Animation Tips & Tricks - Great Q&A's about animation.
Cartoon Brew - Animation news. 

Jason Ryan - Animation tutorials.
Spine Doctors - Animators by day, teachers by night.
Temple of the Seven Golden Camels - You can learn a lot about story boarding, film making, drawing and animation here.

Animators and Inspirations
Art of Glen Keane - Blog of his animation works.
Bobby Beck - AM founder, great artist and one inspiring guy.
Bobby Pontillas - Amazing animation art.
Carlos Beana - AM founder, Pixar animator and fun blog.
Cooked Art - Alan Cook's amazing character designs.
Drawger Geeks - Lots of drawings of different things.
Jason Schleifer - PDI animator with lots of interesting stuff to share.
Kenny Roy - AM Mentor, great tips and lectures for sale. 

Louis Jones - Amazing animator and character designer.
Maël Gourmelen - Fun drawings by a talented 2D animator.
Victor Navone - Pixar animator that posts great stuff about animation. 

CG Tutorials
Lesterbanks Maya Tutorials
CG Bootcamp Maya Tutorials
CG tuts+ Maya Tutorials


I've Got to HAND It To You
Rad how to: Arms 
Rad how to: Legs
Rad how to: Breaking Down the Head
Rad how to: Find the Pear
Rad how to: Front vs. Back
Rad how to: Picking Forms

I Only Have Eyes For You

Wouter Tulp: Weight

AnimSchool: Making a Character Walk

Rad how to: Look for Gestures

A Walk Cycle Tutorial by Francis Jasmin
Breathing by Brendan Body

It's All About Poses! by Francis Jasmin

Gimbal Lock

Mark Westbrook Acting Coach - Top 10 Tips for Actors

Acting and Animation - Josh Bowman 
Acting and Animation - Doron A. Meir

Kyle's Acting Reference
Acting Reference
Frame by Frame - frames from anim clips

Audio Clips

(more to come!)