Reminiscing about Interning at Nick

Last night I was chatting with a past classmate and he was telling me about how he is enjoying his internship at Nickelodeon. It really made me reminisce and think back to the great times I had there. I also remembered about the blog we got going when I was there and a post that was about me and what I did there.

Here is a link to that post: http://www.frederatorblogs.com/post/845

And here is a character practice test I did while I was there for the X's:

Doing these character tests was a huge treat! It was so beneficial do to these and inspirational to meet with the artists and get feedback. Everyone was so nice and helpful and really wanted to see me succeed. I will have to dig up some more of the tests I did and post them. I will probably put them in my 'fine art' section though. So stay tuned!

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