8 Tips for Dealing Calmly with Cricicism.

Dealing with criticism is tough. ...especially in the film/animation industry! We spend so much time coming up with the best ideas we can, hour after hour fleshing out that idea, then present it, putting our hearts and souls on the line ..only to have someone smash it to pieces. This sounds horrible, but its not! And it doesn't have to be! Criticism is how we learn and make our work better! Your superiors are in their position for a reason and they also have a better idea of the bigger picture. So learn from them and try to understand where the direction is coming from! And don't forget to get critiques from the people around you. Animation is a lot more fun and always turns out better as a team effort!

I came across this article today titled: 8 Tips for Dealing Calmly with Criticism. It isn't directed towards animators, dailies or colleague feedback, but it definitely applies to all of the above! Here are the 8 tips, but if you go to the article there is more info after each tip.

1. Listen to what a critic is saying.
2. Don't be defensive.
3. Don't fire back by criticizing your critic.
4. Delay your reaction.
5. Explain honestly the reason for your actions.
6. Admit your mistakes.
7. Explain what you've learned.
8. Enjoy the fun of failure.

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Jared said...

Nicely said! and wonderful find :D