I taught a lecture!

I haven't been able to mention it until now, but I am very excited to share with you something I was a part of last year! Animation Mentor had a secret class in the works and they had asked me to do a lecture for it ..along with many other extremely talented animators! At first I felt beyond flattered and honored, but then the nerves settled in. I didn't feel qualified to do a LECTURE at AM! I was just WATCHING the lectures as a student! But.. they are the professionals and they must have saw something in me that they felt would be a good fit for teaching this class.

Once I got past my nerves that's when the real fun began! The subject they gave me was: Creature Weight and Physical Movement Part One. Focusing more on what you do BEFORE you hit the computer. So how to find reference, study it and bring it into your work to get more believable animation. I made up a curriculum that I thought would be helpful for ME if I were to take this class. It was a lot of work to put together and deliver, but I put my heart into it and if it helps even just one animator out there I will have made it all worth it!

I can't stress enough how helpful this class would be to you! The instructors they got to be a part of this class and the tips and tricks they share are priceless!I am anxious to take this class myself, but if you beat me to the punch please let me know how you enjoy it!

(this class is only open to AM students or alumni)

Here are some more articles on the class:


Jared said...

so kool :D
im sure you lecture is flipping awesome :)

Jess Morris said...

I hope it is! thanks Jared!