Schoolism: Stephen Silvers Character Design - Lesson 1

Last week I started an online Character Design class taught by Stephen Silver -- designer of cartoons such as Kim Possible and Clerks. He is a super nice guy and talented artists and I am very excited to be learning from him!

The first lesson is for him to see where I am at and how I draw. He gave us this description and here is what I got!

NAME: Walter Chipwitther
WHO: wealthy entrepreneur
AGE: in his 60's
WHERE: London, 2011
PERSONALITY: jolly, full of laughter, enthusiastic man happy to be alive and well.
CLOTHING: Wears a bow tie, smoking jacket and monocle
LOOK: Heavy set, around 5'6


gcastro3d said...

nice Jess! looking forward to more posts on the class.


Jared said...

sweet, i so love his fat happiness! really like his left hand holds the pipe too!