Free Birds!

About a year and a half ago Louie and I picked up and moved to Dallas to work on Free Birds at Reel FX. Though everyone was excited for us, quite a few thought we were crazy... and trust me, I wasn't sure we weren't. Well, I can tell you with certainty it was a good decision! We miss Cali and our friends/family there more than they'll ever know, but moving to Dallas brought us so much more than we ever imagined! It was such a unique experience working first hand with director, Jimmy Hayward, and producer, Scott Mosier! We learned tons from their experience's and talent (both super awesome and down to earth guys too!)! Opportunities presented themselves that never have before, challenging us in a way that gave us no choice but to grow and get better. Louie and I are surrounded by so many talented artists that inspire us everyday and we feel lucky we can call many of them friends. And today... finally... after all of our hard work and dedication... Free Birds hits the big screen!

This is Reel FX's first feature, most of the artists first feature and many artists first film EVER! Pretty special!

We hope you and your kids enjoy this silly holiday movie!

(This is a still from one of my shots! I'll post up my reel soon so you can see what other shots I did on this film!)


mrs. c said...

So proud of you guys! i can't wait to go see it!

mrs. c said...

so proud of you guys! what an awesome experience. can't wait to go see it :)