Work Update and Road Trip

I haven't posted in a while... but things have been going great! I am still at Tippett, just finished up Breaking Dawn Pt 1 and am now working on Seth MacFarlane's first film 'Ted'. Imagine Family Guy humor rated R.. it's going to be great! There isn't too much out there right now on it, but as it pops up I'll post some things up.

In between projects my boyfriend and I were finally able to go on our very first trip together! We took a road trip down hwy 1 from SF to SD... camping, great food, amazing views, caught up with friends, disneyland.. it was incredible and so many memories were made! Here is a video I put together trying to tell the story of our trip:

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Anonymous said...

Just watched you trip to s.d. you did great putting this together. looks like you had a great time.you guys are so cute together. have a good week-end. Diane