Work Update!

Pirates 4 is wrapping up and I thought I was going to have some time off to relax, but I got an offer to help Transformers 3 finish up! It's going to be an exhausting couple of weeks (going from one crunch to another), but I am excited to be part of one of the big robot movies!
But back to Pirates... you guys are in for a treat! This one is going to be a a fun ride and has a more solid story then the third. And there will be mermaids! Animating mermaids was definitely one of the more challenging characters I have ever animated! Tails are tough in general, but to have to make one feel like it is forcefully pushing the creature through water and space- without the floatiness feeling- is a whole new challenge! I have learned so much in the process and I can't wait to see the film in theaters!

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Jared said...

WOOT! right on you can do it! piece of cake hehe. man you will just have total reel porn after this next film :)