Sketchbook Page

I just got sketchbook pro and have been doing some sketches to get used to the program and tools. It's similar, but still a lot different then photoshop! I am so used to all my hot keys and being so quick to do certain things like hitting the alt key to sample colors while painting. Sketchbook really does a good job of acting like a.. sketchbook! I find that I think harder before I make marks. All in all I really do like it and its a great program! It feels good to sketch again without the pressure of having a 'final' piece.

Can anyone tell what shows I have been watching lately? :P


Jared said...

Sweet! liking it liking it! :D more more more!

GhettoFab said...

office , 30 rock , fringe?

I love sketchbook pro. I use it more than paper these days. ( Although I find myself doin the control z fingers when drawing with pencils )

Thanks for visitin my blog and leaving some kind words. Made my day

Your work is amazing btw! ( Oh to live the life! ....sigh)

Keep on keepin on!