Work Update

A couple new things work things have happened that I haven't posted about yet.. After Rango I had some well needed time off before going back to Tippett for a month to work on a rush project: Season of the Witch. It turned out to be a fun project with lots of crazy demon shots! And it was great to be back at Tippett working with that crew again. So many good times!

After that project I then had some more time off and have been working on finishing up my student short film: Maid To Haunt. I also found a guy to do the music/sound effects along with another guy who is doing the lighting and re-modeling my set! I am extremely excited about these two guys because they are super talented and are going to make my film sound and look amazing!

Tomorrow will be my first day back at ILM to work on Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides! I am a HUGE fan of the pirates movies so I am honored to be working on this film!


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How exciting Jess!! Glad to see and hear you are doing so well :)