Update: Work

I just finished working on Iron Man 2 and OH BOY you all are in for a treat! I can not wait until this movie is released in theaters! I LOVED the first one and I think this one is even better! I am so honored to have worked on this film. It was a big challenge for me with all of the fighting and flying and..whips.. oh, eww, whips. Haha! I love the challenge though, keeps me on my toes and am constantly learning! Here is a link to the second trailer if you haven't seen it yet:

So whats next for me??

I am staying at ILM and working on Rango! There is practically nothing out there about it, so... I can say pretty much nothing about it. Except... its AWESOME!!! The character designs are so different from anything else I have seen and the story is really entertaining and solid! AND one of my all time favorite actors is the voice of the main character! Johnny Depp! I truly love watching this man act. I love the way he speaks - all the way from his expressions to the pauses and pacing of his speech. His hands are so fun to watch along with the way he moves. He is so entertaining! Now... working with his voice is going to be a lot of fun! I hope to get some of his flare into any shot I might have with him! Fun fun!

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RaquelCZAR said...

That sounds awesome! Do you get to see Johnny in the studio doing voice work? OMG, I wouldn't be able to stand that, I'd freeze in amazement. Keep on rockin' it Jess:)