Happy 2010!..wow, 2010!!!

2009 Accomplishments
- Got a J-o-b in the film industry - Tippett then ILM
- Learned something new - Guitar
- Went skydiving - Monterey Bay, it was a perfect and beautiful experience!.. that I would totally do again!
- Explored the Bay Area - Hiking: Muir Woods, Joaquin Miller Park, Tilden Park. City: several music venues, restaurants and cafe's. I am also quite happy that I am getting the hang of this public transportation thing!
- Huge 'spring cleaning' through all of my belongings - everything I own is organized or donated/thrown away. This was such a BIG project...
- Get back into skiing - only went once, but I went!
- Get back into tennis - played with friends only a couple of times, but like the skiing - better then none!
- Did pretty good at not taking on more then I could handle.

New Years Resolutions for 2010
- Stay better in touch with family and friends.
- One drawing a day...so far failing at this one, will have to do extra to catch up.
- Exercise three times a week for a healthy body and mind.
- Read more books then I did in 2009.
- More outdoor/nature adventures then in 2009.
- Participate in more San Fran craziness.
- At least one camping trip.
- Tennis lessons!
- Learn to paint better - both digitally and with actual mediums.
- Learn something new - not sure what yet..
- Volunteer at least once.
- Burning Man?

What are some of yours??


Anonymous said...

Happy new year, Jess! SF was totally fun. I wish I could stay there some more...

And if you're looking for something new to learn, why not a language? Why not Japanese?

JulieBob said...

Here's a hilarious book/website to read for 2010 - stuffwhitepeoplelike.com - The website cracks me up and it's so true!

My two resolutions (kept it simple to avoid failure for myself) are to make it to work on time every day (trust me, this was a challenge in 2009 since I didn't get into work on time once the entire year!) and to exercise five days a week...and so far both are still going strong, whew!

Love you and miss you! Hopefully I can find a new/better job this year and get out to visit you soon too!