Work Update!

I just spent ten wonderful months animating on Cats & Dogs: 2 at Tippett studio!

Some of the highlights:
- Learned how films are made from the inside.
- Learned how to animate talking and fighting animals.
- Amped up my animation skills far beyond where they were back in January.
- Learned how to come up with ideas faster and execute those ideas more clearly and simply.
- The leads and other animators were all extremely helpful and willing to spread their golden knowledge.
- Awesome shots that were challenging and I can't wait to put on my reel!
- Every single person at the studio was friendly and welcoming. Lots of smiles :)
- Walks, chocolate and coffee!
- Beer, pizza and donut Fridays!
- Ping-Pong!
- The 'Misery' Lounge!
- Meeting such talented, dedicated, and passionate artists, most of I can call my friends... (definitely the biggest highlight)

So whats next for me??
Animating on Iron Man 2 at ILM! This is my second week on this project and its going great so far! There is definitely a big difference in the studio and atmosphere. ILM is huge and very corporate feeling... yet, the animation department feels very close nit and welcoming. The campus is located in the very beautiful and peaceful Presidio. The cafeteria is very impressive and the menu changes on a daily basis. All of their movie artifacts are neatly put on display and labeled... The first Iron Man was a great film and I am very excited to be working on the second one with such a talented and welcoming team!


Naorl said...

Thanks for sharing some highlights jess :), sounds awesome,

& good luck with Iron Man 2, can't wait to see some of your new stuff.


My name is Ziv Ariely. said...

Congrats Jess!
You are so lucky (though I know luck has nothing to do with it - it's all you ;) to work at ILM!!!

Keep posting and good luck!