Movie: Harold and Maude

Just saw this movie for the first time and I wish I have seen it sooner! The story is great! I do love the idea of a rich kid that hates his mother and fakes his own death over and over to get some kind of rise out of her. But the thing that really left an impression was the Maude character. The things she says and her free spirit is something we all can learn from. This movie is a great reminder of what life is really about. How we should experience something new everyday, be yourself...actually live life and not back away from it.
Maude: Vice, Virtue. It's best not to be too moral. You cheat yourself out of too much *life*. Aim above morality. If you apply that to life, then you're bound to live life fully.

Maude: A lot of people enjoy being dead. But they are not dead, really. They're just backing away from life. *Reach* out. Take a *chance*. Get *hurt* even. But play as well as you can. Go team, go! Give me an L. Give me an I. Give me a V. Give me an E. L-I-V-E. LIVE!

Maude: Everyone has the right to make an ass out of themselves. You just can't let the world judge you too much.

Maude: I feel that much of the world's sorrow comes from people who are this...yet allow themselves to be treated as that.

Harold: You hop in any car you want and just drive off?
Maude: Well, not any car. I like to keep a variety. I'm always looking for the new experience.
Harold: Maybe. Nevertheless, I think you're upsetting people. I don't know if that's right.
Maude: Well, if some people get upset because they feel they have a hold on some things, I'm merely acting as a gentle reminder: here today, gone tomorrow, so don't get attached to things.

Maude: The earth is my body; my head is in the stars.

Harold: Do you pray?
Maude: Pray? No. I communicate.
Harold: With God?
Maude: With *life*.

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