Work Update!

Working at Tippett has been so amazing, I just had to write about it here! There are about 15 of us temps so far and everyone is so inspiring to be around. Everyone has been extremely friendly and helpful since the very first day. It made it easy to leave my nerves at the door and just get in there, be myself and do my job.

As for the actual work side of my job, its been just as wonderful! We do lots of studies and research before touching any shot. I absolutely love the process of learning the mechanics of an animal and how it would do something. It is especially fun to figure that out and mix it with acting a little humanistic without looking too human. It's a huge challenge, but rewarding when done correctly!

I also have been riding my bike to work which has been a huge perk for me! Its so nice how biker friendly Berkeley is and there are barely any hills. It's a great way to start and end a work day!


@b said...

thats so nice to hear Jess...!

and i love the idea of in depth planning before a shot...go rock !

the bike idea doesnt hurt either, a lil bit of exercise can make a huge difference !

way 2 go !

Derek Osborne said...


I miss you around campus! I'm super happy to be reading this! I'm still super excited for you.

Super awesomeness!