Job Advice from Nick Bruno

"Words of Advice for the Temp & Rookie Animator" By Nick Bruno

I just finished this article from the Animation Mentor Newsletter (if you are an animator sign up for this, its great info!) and I thought this article was very helpful not only for Animators, but some of the info can be applied to any job! I suggest reading the whole article, but here are some of the highlights...

Temp Animators
- Respect deadlines and most importantly DO GREAT WORK.
- Be eager to learn.
- Take your critique with a smile, don't get defensive.
- Try not to complain.
- Overtime. Do it, but don't do too much.
- Don't stress.

The Rookie
- Stay humbled by the work around you.
- Think that you can learn more from others than others can learn from you.
- Respect your elders. Don't make any suggestions to their work unless they ask for it.
- Remember seniority.
- Let the veterans do the complaining.
- Keep asking questions. Keep learning from those around you.
- Don't complain about having too many good shots.
- Don't seclude yourself and don't start clicks.
- Don't act like your ideas are the best ones.
- Stay positive all the time.

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