Alice in Wonderland Remake

If you haven't already heard, Tim Burton will be Directing the Live Footage/3D remake of Alice in Wonderland (new name "Alice")! He has some of his usual cast in this film along with some new faces. I am especially excited to see Johnny Depp as the Mad Hatter and Helena Bonham Carter as the Red Queen! He will be combining performance-capture imagery, as seen in Beowulf, with life-action footage.

THIS article has a comment that made a good point on remakes. Before judging a remake, be sure to know if it is a remake from the movie or the book. In the case of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and upcoming Alice - they are remakes from the books not the movie. Also check out this article for the first look at Alice in Wonderland!

After "Alice" Burton will make a film based on his 1984 short "Frankenweenie" about a ped dog brought back to life by his loyal owner. This film will be in stop-motion! You can see the short HERE

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