Graduated from Animation Mentor!

Well I don't actually graduate until January, but I finished the program! I still remember when I first found out about it at Comic-con and hurried home to sign up. Seems like just yesterday! Time sure flies when you are having fun...and it sure was a lot of fun! I learned so much more then I ever imagined and made so many amazing friends. It was definitely an experience of a life time and I recommend this program for anyone that wants to take their Animation skills to the next level.

So now what?

Well...I am polishing up the pieces on my Demo Reel and will be sending it out to studios as soon as I feel ready. Hopefully no longer then a month. I think it is going to get to a point where I will just have to send it out regardless of how I feel, because as some of you know...Animation is one of those things that you can't really call "done". Just finished enough to look good enough to hopefully get you a job :)


David Bernal said...

Kongrats Jess!!!! & best luck with the job hunt!:)

JulieBob said...