Summer of Events

My summer started out with a trip up to San Francisco for the Animation Mentor Annual BBQ. This was my first time meeting a bunch of classmates, mentors and also my first time in San Fransisco. We walked around most of San Fran and I also was privileged enough to get a tour of DreamWorks PDI!

To see some more pictures of San Fran and the AM BBQ click HERE

Then came Comic-con!!! This convention is so inspirational to go to! Not to mention really entertaining to see how all-out people go with their costumes. I met a ton of artists and got so many great sketchbooks! I did a post on this event already so I'll stop here.

To see some more pictures of the Comic-con click HERE

In August I flew back up to San Fran for the AM Fall Graduation 2008. I was so proud to see my classmates walk and it also got me excited for my Graduation coming up in January. The guest speakers were really inspirational to listen to! The graduation was followed with a nice casual food and drinks celebration. Then we all went out and partied later on that night! I also was lucky on this trip and got a tour of Pixar!

To see some more pictures of the AM Fall Grad 2008 click HERE

To see some more pictures of the Pixar click HERE

Right after flying back down to San Diego Siggraph started up in LA. This was the first year I really enjoyed Siggraph. I think its because AM got so involved and had so many great seminars, not to mention their awesome booth! I had a lot of fun volunteering at their booth with fellow students. The Frank and Ollie tribute was simply amazing and the AM party was...lets just say AM knows how to throw a party! I was lucky once again and got a tour of Dreamworks!

To see some more pictures of the Siggraph click HERE

This summer was great! Lots of travel, met and caught up with tons of people, and toured three film studios!

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JulieBob said...

Oh my gosh, you were so busy all summer! I don't know how you do it!