Comic-con 2008 Highlights!

Met Eric Goldberg:

Keep Animating Eric says. Oh I will Eric...I will.

Panel with Dean Yeagle and Playboys Mandy: (Dean is by the tiny light on the far right, Mandy on the big screen on the left)

Met Mark Behm: (he's an awesome Animator this is currently working for DreamWorks and is also a mentor at Animation Mentor)

Met Snoopy:

Met Wolverine and Spidey Dog: (I got in trouble for petting the dog AND the dog got in trouble too, I felt horrible)

Saw the REAL Hulk:

Got TONS of awesome books and sketchbooks:

Scott Benefiel's new sketchbook! Along with nice message I might have to put on the cover on my resume...think it will help?: (click to enlarge)

"Cheeks" Sean Gallaway drew super cool Hellboy by his signature:

I was Stefan G. Bucher's first Comic-con signature ever! (he states it by his signature, click to enlarge)