Kung Fu Panda!

I just saw Kung Fu Panda and it was an incredibly enjoyable movie! The story was simple and very satisfying, the animation was really smooth, the fighting scenes were impressive, I laughed, I cried... well not really, but a little teary eyed at two different points... I was in a room full of parents that didn't want to be there and annoying children who like to kick my seat and take the whole duration of the movie to open their candy box... but instead, everyone was laughing and paying attention. No screaming. No snoring. No wrappers. And even...NO kicking! I would say that is quite the SUCCESS!

The CHARACTERS were really fun, I especially took a liking to Oogway the turtle who is the elder and creator of Kung Fu. His design was really great, the way his shell was done was brilliant. His animation is so beautifully done and especially his face animation was really inspirational. I love how he is the all high and mighty character, but is sometimes questioned because of his happy go lucky personality. And really by the end you still don't know if he did know the answers the whole time or if he was just a lucky guesser.

They must have had so much fun ANIMATING the Kung Fu scenes! They looked flawless! Beyond the extreme animation the subtle animation was really impressive as well. There is one point where Oogway is disappearing into the peach tree flowers and Shifu (the Master) is watching him go, and there there is a point where his jaw drops a little and the details in how his lips separate was done in a way I would have never thought to do. It was like his lips were a little dry, but just moist enough to make them stick on one side when they separated. I can't explain it very well, you will just have to watch the movie and look out for that point!

(One thing that did BOTHER ME is that the entire town was ducks, bunnies and pigs. The only other species were the main characters. I just wish they mixed it up a bit more.)

I especially liked this movie because I can completely RELATE to Po. Throughout the whole movie when Po would get overly excited when he should be playing it "cool", I couldn't help but laugh, because that is how I feel everyday! I just love this stuff so much, and as much as I want to keep my professionalism... sometimes my face just takes over and I can't help but smile like a little kid. Also, the fact that Po was told from the beginning that he couldn't do something, but because his passion for it was so strong...in the end, he did it! That's what every artist goes through! What a great message! I am sure lots of you out there can relate to Po as well!

Along with an animation movie comes animation trailers! I am really excited for Wall-E and Madagascar 2!


Angie Lai said...

glad you enjoyed this movie too. LOL at this " Po would get overly excited when he should be playing it "cool"! I totally related to Po too! I was impressed by the attention to detail and subtlety to the characters' "acting".

rebby said...

Oogway was by far my favorite character! Definitely an amazing film!