Full Time Student

After a year and a half at High Moon Studios I decided to take some time off and focus on finishing up Animation Mentor. It was a really hard decision, but I do believe that focusing on my short film, animations and art will really benefit me and especially my next job. I will be doing freelance here and there, but I will start applying for a studio job again in September. Until then I will be animating like crazy!

Keep your eye open for the Bourne Conspiracy game, it will be on the shelves June 3rd!


JulieBob said...

Bourne Conspiracy has a free trial online right now, too!

Good luck animating. I'd be just lost doing that!

JulieBob said...

Jonathan downloaded the free trial of your game!!!!

jay fabares said...

tough decision for sure!~ but i know you'll make the best of it! good luck on your project!