The Other Side Coffeehouse

In college I used to go to coffeehouse's close to every night. Living in the suburbs of Carlsbad where everything closes at 8:30pm is really making me miss that life style. I don't need to go every night, but going to a coffeehouse to do work, draw, visit with friends, people watch, just get out of my element...is really nice every now and then! I have kind of stuck to my two favorite coffeehouses (The Living Room and Claire De Lune's) So I am on a mission to find more coffeehouses that are good for artists to work at.

Tonight I went to The Other Side with some friends. Unfortunately I was on my computer the whole time, so no sketches to post. Next time I will have to make a point to do even just a couple of people-watching-sketches.

Anyways, I this this coffeehouse is a really great place to go for artists! It is located in North Park (30th and Polk). Not so close for us North County folks, but if you are planing to spend the whole day down there or in the area, I would say its worth the drive. It is a pretty simple layout with plenty of tables to work at and outlets that line the room, which is great for people who work on laptops. One of the most frustrating things is going to a coffeehouse and not finding a place to plug in my laptop! The Other Side has a really laid back feeling, from the friendly workers to the people that go there. Since the walls are covered in art, it creates a very inspiring environment as well. The drinks are average price and aren't too sweet like some places make them. It also has patio seating and a pool table in the back if you want to take a break. Parking kind of sucks though.



JulieBob said...

You'll kill me for saying this, but have never sat in a coffee house EVER in my life. I'll have to take a field trip and do that sometime to people watch.

By the way...how are you not used to the closing by 8:30pm in the 'burbs....that's how we grew up in H-town! Haha.

I love reading these.

Jess Morris said...

Really?? Well there aren't coffeehouses out in WI like there are out here. Actually there probably are in Milwaukee, but I am not familiar with the area.

Since you love to read and write you would love hanging out at a coffeehouse! Maybe we will find one when I come home!

Anonymous said...

Jess, The Otherside is where we would go every Sunday night last year for our Sketch Nights! Love The Otherside. I guess they're called FILTER now! Wtf?