Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

He would be 104 today! Dr. Seuss has been one of my inspirations from a very young age and continues to be today. I have always been drawn to how different his books are. I assume this is the case for many people!

Last fall I went on a kayaking tour off the shores of La Jolla here in San Diego and the guide pointed out a white house that was right over the water on a cliff. He said it obviously was a great location but the person that lived there particularly picked that spot because it was right above where the leopard sharks primarily swam. So the man that used to live there would sit out on his deck and would be able to watch the sharks (along with the best view of the cliffs/ocean/sunsets). Then he said it was where Dr. Seuss lived! I about tipped over in my kayak! His son and family live there now. I had no idea he used to live in the area where I live now! I then looked around and it made sense where he got his inspiration.


JulieBob said...

I love Dr. Seuss. His drawing is easy to view, but that's me because I'm just not a fan of those anime things coming from the Asian culture now...

Keep up your work, Jess! Wisconsin is proud of you!

Donna Gough said...

I love Dr Seuss too Jess - I grew up drawing/copying the quirky characters from his books, as well as enjoying his stories! Need some photos of the the La Jolla landscape now! I'm intrigued... = )